Dental Exam in Herndon

Get Your Dental Exam in Herndon

A major key to healthy teeth and gums is attending routine dental exams. The thorough, detail-oriented dentists at GoSmiles Dentistry use your dental exams to detect potential issues with your smile and address them before they become problems.

We use advanced digital X-rays and VELscope oral cancer screening detection to form a strong foundation for your overall oral health.

Consistent exams create a historical record of changes in your oral health, so we can provide the best treatments, and you can receive qualified recommendations on your personal care for your teeth and mouth.

What to Expect From the Oral Exam & X-ray

Your dental health goes beyond just the whiteness of your teeth—it involves the enamel, bite, gums, and internal structure. We can examine your mouth by taking a look at the beginning of your routine appointment, but we also use X-rays to identify and analyze the parts of your mouth beneath the surface.

GoSmiles Dentistry performs a comprehensive dental exam in Herndon at your routine visit to keep a close eye on your oral health.

Benefits of Routine Dental Exams

Preventive Care

A dental exam from our expert, friendly dentists helps you identify issues and address them before they become problems.

Health Support

With a history created by routine exams, we can track your health and make any needed changes to your routine.

Brighter Smiles

Regular dental exams lead to healthier mouths, and that’s something to smile about.

How a Dental Exam Works

We include regular oral exams and X-rays along with your dental cleanings to monitor changes in your mouth over time. Not only can we image the internal structure that may be difficult or impossible to see with our own eyes, but we can also get a concrete history of how your mouth has changed and where it might be trending toward for accurate treatment.

A dentist may use a light or a mirror to check each area of your mouth for the oral exam. For an X-ray, we’ll fit you with a leaded apron for maximum protection and then take you into our X-ray room. Since there are several different types of X-rays, our dentist will give you exact instructions on the X-ray procedure. Both our oral exams and X-rays are completely painless, so you’ll be comfortable for every step of our dental exam in Herndon.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Finest Dental Exams in Herndon

The GoSmiles team is here to keep your family smiling.

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